Preparation  by tiredpanda


Day 267 - 24/10/20

Todays word of the day is "preparation". As some of you had expressed interest regarding what my diamond painting looks like during creation, I decided to take a photo of me preparing to do it. This way you can see what the drills (the tiny gems) look like as you start to make the picture. Obviously they are all blue, but this is because I'm doing a snowy scene. Also, even in this tiny patch (about 2x2") alone there's already 5 different blues that I've already done and at least another 4 shades of blue, just in this section. So there's a lot of detail which takes a lot of time to do. This section probably took me 2-3 hours. Other people can do diamond painting quite quickly, but not me haha!

Today hasn't been that busy so, as well as my diamond painting, I've been watching some YouTube. The weather this evening is horrendous! It's so windy and rainy and is very very noisy. And although I say it's horrendous, I do enjoy this sort of weather an awful lot!
Looking great! Is that dark blue thing a roller?
October 25th, 2020  
Interesting! Keeps you busy.
October 25th, 2020  
@kjarn no, it's actually a grip that comes on the wax pen thing. I realised after I took the photo that you can't see the tip of the pen, but it was dark out and the lighting looked really rubbish when I retook it. But if you Google diamond painting pen then you can see what they look like!
October 25th, 2020  
@lilh yes it does!
October 25th, 2020  
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