Numbers Make The World Go Round by tiredpanda

Numbers Make The World Go Round

Day 277 - 03/11/20

Do you ever think about how much we rely on numbers to help us live our lives? From your age to your height. From the time on the clock, to the date on the calendar. From counting calories to the speed you are going in your vehicle. And from your national insurance number, to your bank account details. From how much money you have or spend, to the millions of ones and zeros that let us use our computers and phones all day every day. Now there are even more numbers available to us on a whim if we wish to access them. From the numbers on the scale, to your blood pressure. From taking your temperature, to sleep trackers which tell you how many hours you slept each night, and give you a score based on your night's sleep. In fact it is so common and easy to access that most new electric/smart watches have a heart rate monitor built in as standard. If not there are endless accurate apps you can download and most of them can be accessed for free! I could list endless examples of numbers that we use daily, and that's just with using basic maths. Also, it's funny how anyone of these numbers can make you feel a range of emotions, from a worrying low bank account, to a shockingly high price tag for a pair of jeans. From a a gratifying result when weighing yourself, to the excitement or upsetting day when you turn another year older. Then there's those magical numbers like the size of your ring (in America at least. In the UK we use letters), especially when it's a special ring. Or when you hit milestone birthdays like 18, or 21 (in the UK). When you sit and actually think about it, it can become very overwhelming! It makes you wonder how people coped without knowing dates, times, age, money etc etc. We'd be lost without those things now. Anyway, I know it's not a brilliant image, but it has a lot of meaning behind it.
Great narrative, good pulse rate
November 5th, 2020  
Great shot to match your narrative.
November 5th, 2020  
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