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I'm 29, from Bucharest, Romania and live with my husband in Helsinki, Finland. We have a golden retriever and a cat.

I joined this project because I think it would change my perspective and make me more aware of the little things in life...and because I'm working on a bucket list and this is one of my to-do items. :)

I will do my best in following these five golden rules during this project:

1. All the pictures have to be taken by me and me alone.
2. Each picture needs to be taken on the exact calendar date it's assigned to, I will not cheat.
3. I must not repeat myself.
4. Each picture must describe the day as much as possible. (gorgeous picture < event)
5. I am happy and it warms my heart when somebody likes my pictures, but in fact I'm doing this for myself, not to please or impress anybody.