South Queensferry

This picturesque pub is in the village of South Queensferry on the banks of the Firth of Forth our port of call today. The frequent sunny breaks made for an enjoyable time ashore.

Many thanks for your visits, favs & comments.

Limited Internet access while travelling but I will attempt to maintain a daily journal where you can track our journey at
posted June 15th, 2017  
What a great looking pub. Glad to hear you have had some sunshine.
posted June 15th, 2017  
Were you tempted to call in?! Hope you enjoyed your trip there, it's lovely around Edinburgh. Lovely shot too :)
posted June 16th, 2017  
Such a nice looking pub. I hope you had time for a short visit.
posted June 17th, 2017  
So drawn to the reds.
posted June 22nd, 2017  
I know this place. Thanks for sharing.
posted June 23rd, 2017  
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