Cathedral Gate Hotel

Home for the next week this room is located at the end of a rickety, narrow set of stairs. The floor is uneven and strange angles abound. We are located in the centre of the historic city of Canterbury, Kent in the SouthEast of Britain.

Many thanks for your visits, favs & comments.
Internet access is available and I will maintain a daily journal where you can track our journey at
What! Has your boat sunk? Or at the end of your cruise? Beds look comfortable and I love historic hotels!
posted June 19th, 2017  
I think you will definitely enjoy your stay in the City of Canterbury. Hopefully, there is lots of history to soak in. After the rickety, narrow stairs, I'm sure you will appreciate your comfortable room even more.
posted June 19th, 2017 least you'll both be able to blame the stairs and floor when staggering home after a few glasses...!! Looks comfy and cosy, hope it's cool too. (You do seem to be experiencing British summer in all its various degrees of heat!)
posted June 19th, 2017  
Here's hoping that the beds are comfortable. Lucky you are used to the heat but it would be a bit of a shock after the weather you had in Scotland.
posted June 20th, 2017  
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