Ducks and Eagles by tosee

Ducks and Eagles

When the ducks arrive at Medicine Lake their southern journey, the eagles are not far behind.
Can you spot the 3 eagles; I only had the 60mm lens with me.
A very lovely scene!
November 24th, 2020  
I only see two eagles. Great shot!
November 25th, 2020  
So many ducks on the water. Do eagles fly south? or are they following the ducks?
November 25th, 2020  
Two in the air, one in the tree?? Regardless, a lovely scene!
November 25th, 2020  
Great capture
November 25th, 2020  
I found two flying.
November 25th, 2020  
I found the three, the third is in the tree. How Lucky you are to have these stunning birds to photograph. Even if you didn't have the right lens with you
November 25th, 2020  
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