three quarters of our real life by transatlantic99

three quarters of our real life

For the album cover challenge:

My quote: Imagination and fiction make up more than three quarters of our real life.
Simone Weil, French social philosopher (1909 - 1943)

My artist: Renqing, the moral obligation to maintain a relationship.
Oh this is cool!
January 4th, 2020  
Very well done - wish I could do PS half as good as you!
January 5th, 2020  
@farmreporter this is done in snapseed. Nothing special.
The shot is through a window with a pattern All I did here was to apply a couple of preset filters AFTER I had done the text. You can do this!
January 5th, 2020  
Yes - I plan on making 2020 the year of the camera - and that includes learning editing skills beyond the basic crop and exposure adjustment.
January 5th, 2020  
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