39 Independence Day USA

On November 8th, 2016 the American people went to the polls and voted for change; ditching the political elite, for a self-made billionaire who promised to make America great again.

Has it really been a year? Doesn't time fly.

The American people voted for change in large enough numbers to get the required electoral college votes for Donald J. Trump to become the next President of the Divided States of America; with the job of unifying them again, after a tough campaign battle.

Not a campaign, but a movement; Americans from all races, religions, backgrounds and beliefs voted for a government to serve the people and serve the people it would.

As President Elect, the life-long businessman pledged to look at the business of fixing inner cities and rebuild the crumbling U.S infrastructure; putting millions of people to work, while pledging to take good care of the veterans.

On a path of national growth and renewal, Mr Trump, as 45th President of the United States of America, vowed to settle for nothing less than the best; dreaming big, and bold, and daring.

America voted for a change of course without a Bush or Clinton at the helm.

While making it clear that he would put America's interest first, the newly elected President would continue to seek common ground, not hostility and partnership, not conflict when working with the world community.

Frederic Auguste Bartholdi so admired the United States Constitution that he chose to inscribe JULY IV MDCCLXXVI on the tablet in the left hand of his statue; associating the date of the country's Declaration of Independence with the concept of liberty.

Millions may be worried but whether you voted for Donald Trump or not, a large print of the Statue of Liberty on your wall will show that you believe in the coming together on the voyage ahead, and in the healing power of the American people.

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posted November 7th, 2017  
A great picture to use for your message! Very clear and with no planes flying overhead!
posted November 7th, 2017  
Excellent capture.
posted November 8th, 2017  
An iconic shot!
posted November 8th, 2017  
Great shot!
posted November 9th, 2017  
Very nice shot
posted November 21st, 2017  
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