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I have been posting for several years now, and so love this community. As the years go by I have gotten lax at the daily posting, though I often shoot pretty regularly. I so apologize for this. My intent is to be consistent as I love organizing my photos by my 365 project pictures. It's the main way I can find my photos!! There are fabulous people and fabulous photographers who are dedicated years running, I respect and am awe of you folks. After my husband retired last summer I found less time available to spend on the site. I will try to get better, and I love seeing everyone's works.

Living in Tacoma, Washington State, USA. I am a painter and photographer and love to paint landscapes and still life pictures with a palette knife with oil; and love to photograph landscapes, and flowers on occasion. I make a video comedy movie each year with my three grandsons, last year with the Nikon D600. Just pulled it out of the box, charged the battery and shot the movie. Big learning curve for me. Next time I will get more clips in focus!! But, when the focus was right, the pictures were great, and the sound out of the camera was better than I'd expected.

I never expected that committing to this project would be so much FUN!! What a great community this is. And I did expect to be stretched, and that is working great. Thanks 365 and folks.
Thanks for wonderfully supportive comments and FAVs. I love to visit all your sites to see your inspiring work, and will do this more than respond to every individual comment.

Some people have asked about my painting. I have a website for oil paintings: www.trindalove.com