Day 24 - Shallow DoF by unicornlover0109

Day 24 - Shallow DoF

Again not something I am very good at. Would love some tips and critique on Depth of Field.
The photo is pretty, but not sure it actually has DoF.
Thanks for any tips
I'd say you have here image blur, not dof. I an not sure if you can set the aperture on an iphone. If you have that function, go to the lowest f number it allows.
January 24th, 2023  
Wow what beautiful
January 24th, 2023  
The roses have such a beautiful color. I think that everything is about the same distance from the lens and probably you're unable to get DOF. Like Mona @monikozi says, check the Pro settings, or whatever iPhone calls them and reset the aperture,
January 24th, 2023  
Thanks for the comments. Appreciate your time
January 24th, 2023  
So beautiful, that a lovely red.
January 24th, 2023  
If you use portrait setting on your iPhone this will blur the background and give the impression of shallower depth of field, however, you cannot change the aperture.
January 26th, 2023  
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