A Year of Days: Day 95 - Comfort Food by vignouse

A Year of Days: Day 95 - Comfort Food

It's nice to have an elegant meal and I always enjoy preparing and cooking something special... but sometimes, what you really fancy is something simple - 'comfort food' if you like. That's what I fancied this evening, so here are all the ingredients for a sausage casserole, to be served with buttery mashed potato. It was indeed very Yum!

Viewing on black recommended.

Footnote: This is about half the quantity of lardons that I originally prepared, but Mitzi got to them whilst I was busy laying everything out to be photographed!
LOL Two does that. If I don't put away. She is a devil. Gets into my bread all the time. Bread - she is so my cat. We call this comfort food. Is that beer in the bottle?
April 5th, 2015  
Comfort Food is exactly right Joan and I've changed the title to reflect that. The beer - dark ale on the left and light lager on the right - is for the sauce in which I cooked all the ingredients (except the potatoes of course).
April 6th, 2015  
@joansmor Forgot to tag you - see above.
April 6th, 2015  
@vignouse Sounds yummy. My nephew brought me over a plate that had corned beef included. YUMMY and I didn't have to cook.
April 6th, 2015  
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