It's always darkest before the dawn.  by wag864

It's always darkest before the dawn.

Andrew was able to go along to the care home this afternoon to visit his mum, Edna. The care home had managed to erect a lovely sheltered porch area for Edna to sit in and what a super visit they had together. Carers supported the visit to keep Edna safe, and PhotoNinja caught the shot so they could have a memento of this wonderful time. Edna received her vaccine this week, and is hoping that a new dawn is on the horizon. Stay safe everyone.

Thank you all for your superbly wonderful comments on The LEGO stories and pics - I know they are not to everyone's taste - but a way for me to document my own thoughts and experiences of lockdown and covid. (And play with camera settings trying to get to grips with manual.)

Thanks to Florence & The Machine for the title!
Aww! That's my mom's name. =)
January 9th, 2021  
I think this is a fabulous way to record your thoughts and experiences. And certainly a perfect way to practice photo skills!
January 9th, 2021  
Excellent, original and thoughtful series of shots
January 9th, 2021  
Very nice. I am sure many of us can actually relate to this
January 10th, 2021  
@marlboromaam @aikiuser @ricksnap @bkbinthecity Thank you all. When we are short staffed I step in as the supervising person in the background and see the impact of these visits on all. Bitter and sweet. p.s. Edna was my gran's name.
January 10th, 2021  
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