It's the taking part that counts. by wag864

It's the taking part that counts.

Day 56 - In the final TV studio - the Catch-A-Phrase show was being taped and it was a Keyworker Special charity edition. Nurse Nancy, Traindriver Ted and Sandy McScientist were all competing for their own favourite charities. PhotoNinja was hoping Nurse Nancy would win on behalf of the Antarctic Heritage Trust. However, fastest finger first was turning out to be Sandy. Go Sandy! Turns out, in his spare time he is a quizzer extraordinaire!
LOL! Too cute! How about the old Dating Game next? That would be a hoot and a half.
February 27th, 2021  
@marlboromaam Don't know that one - but I'm sure I could find out about it. Maybe a quiz show month? Lol.
February 27th, 2021  
@wag864 An old game show from the 70s - the Dating Game. Bachelor #1, 2 or 3. LOL!
February 27th, 2021  
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