To Boldly Go. by wag864

To Boldly Go.

Day 101 - Our Legonauts are going through the pre-launch mill to make sure they are ready for their next great adventure to infinity and beyond. Today was their medical appointment, and Russ, Ross and Rosie all passed with flying colours! Phew!!! Now it's time to get truly down to business to get this show on the road. The launch is set for 6pm on the 17th - weather depending. All systems looking good.
Marvelous! Hope they meet some Vulcans on their journey. =)
April 11th, 2021  
@marlboromaam Ohh, now there's an interesting thought! How to create a Spock?????
April 11th, 2021  
@wag864 =) The world is your oyster.
April 11th, 2021  
Exciting times for them.
April 12th, 2021  
@taffy lol. Still to work out what next...! lol.
April 13th, 2021  
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