How does that make you feel? by wag864

How does that make you feel?

Day 104 - Time for the psych evaluation. Legonaut Frank is on the couch today with Dr Kobayashi Maru. The Dr asks Frank - "So, what’s going on?" and Frank replied , *winking* "how much time do you have Dr.?" Dr Maru rubbed the bridge of his nose, and replied, "50 minutes, Frank. The same as always." Don't you just love a sense of humour. Frank passed the psych evaluation with flying colours. One step closer to realising his dream of heading for the stars. Monica was in the waiting room - she was up next.
Ha ha! Love it.
April 15th, 2021  
@marlboromaam Thank you. I think I need to find myself a couch and a therapist lol!
April 15th, 2021  
@wag864 I know what you mean, but I think you've found your therapy right here. =)
April 15th, 2021  
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