PhotoNinja goes street.  Free to worship.  by wag864

PhotoNinja goes street. Free to worship.

Day 115 - PhotoNinja caught up with local pastor who was welcoming some of the congregation back into the building. Full numbers not allowed under current regulations, but thanks to technology the service can be relayed via OurTube for those unable to be present. "It's great to have people in the building once more, even if the numbers are restricted. We are waiting on the relaxing of numbers to open the doors wider." PhotoNinja was able to attend the evening service. (She had pre-booked, and didn't just turn up on speck!) (p.s. Legonauts in space - waiting to land. Will return when project underway.)
Very nicely situated church! =)
April 25th, 2021  
Thankfully restrictions will be easing up at some point. But at least PhotoNinja has privileges!
April 27th, 2021  
@marlboromaam Indeed - I live in the countryside - the background is one of the fields behind the house.
@aikiuser Gotta use those privileges when you can. Everything is finally easing up.
May 3rd, 2021  
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