Do you know this man? by wendywoo

Do you know this man?

Stuck for inspiration until I spotted the fridge!
There I found (no, not cakes!), but some very unflattering (and rather grumpy!)photo booth pictures of my husband that have been transformed with some very stylish magnetic accessories.
Great fun shot, Wendy - thanks for following! Hope you don't mind if I follow back!
June 16th, 2013  
No, not at all. Really want to learn to take good photos, so any feedback welcome!
June 16th, 2013  
So fun!!
June 17th, 2013  
This is funny! :))
June 20th, 2013  
Oh, I meant to say, to do Mad Minute (it can be confusing) you just have to post the picture on the dates given. It doesn't have to be TAKEN on the Mad Minute date. A word is given on Monday, and you have to post a photo for it on your Wed. calendar slot. It does not have to be taken Mon, Tue, or Wed though. It is not very formal with the "must be taken" time frame as other themes and contests on here are. The host notifies the next participant that he or she will be the next host of the next Mon/wed Mad Minute. Again, it is casual. I have seen people say they are busy, and ask someone else to host it. It's all good. Then, another Mad Minute word is posted on Friday and you post THAT word's photo on Sunday on your calendar view. The host of that one picks the next host of the Fri/Sun Mad Minute. I hope this helps explain it. I did not get it when I first got to host one, and when I picked my favorite entry and notified that photographer, I told her to do the NEXT Mad Minute, but she was actually supposed to do the Mad Minute the following week. Mon/Wed is one challenge and the Fri/Sun is another. And those are run by different people. If you have any questions..just ask me. I may have just confused you more!
June 20th, 2013  
@espyetta Wow- what an explanation! Thanks, I think I get it now.. Ha ha! Really looking forward to taking part :)
June 20th, 2013  
June 23rd, 2013  
This is so weird and wonderful at the same time... I love it!
July 9th, 2013  
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