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15th March 2019

I have been here since 1st April 2012. Very much enjoyed being part of this very special community, but it's perhaps time to leave. I am looking for a seriously challenging project, such as investigating the wet plate collodion process (although this might cost too much money) for which I would need to free up some time.

Thanks to all of you who have offered me so much support. I will keep the account open for a short while beyond its 7th anniversary (April 1st). If I shoot something that I really like I will probably post it on Flickr if I have closed my 365 account.

11th April 2019

Not renewed and suddenly 5 albums have disappeared! As I have uploaded no pics this month I don't even need one album let alone another five!

Phojo, Phojo... wherefore art thou?

Some details:

Pocket/mobile/cell phone: [+44] (0) 7791 537174