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This is a sabertooth cat fossil (Dinictis squalidens). These aren’t related to the big ice-age sabertooths, and were only a couple of feet tall. They lived 25-35 million years ago across western North America. This one was found in Badlands, South Dakota.

I decided to go take some pictures at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture. It’s on the UW campus and is pretty awesome. Although, I am strange and absolutely love museums. The Burke museum has over 12 million artifacts and specimens. It has the world’s largest collection of spread bird wings and the second largest collection of frozen bird tissues in the world which is used for genetic research. As the name suggests, most artifacts are related to the natural world and Earth’s many cultures, especially those of the Pacific Northwest tribes. It is a research museum and most of the artifacts are not on display. Once a year, they have a “behind the scenes night” and open the entire facility to members. It is really cool to be able to walk down into the basement, past the mummy and see drawer after drawer and shelf after shelf of everything you can think of: mammal collections, bird collections, fossils, insects, fish, baskets, arrow heads, native art, and much more You can see workers processing mammals for their collection. Last year, they were working on a California condor, and a Sun Bear that had recently died at the Woodland Park Zoo.

If you are in Seattle, you should check it out. Especially if you are a UW student since you get in for free!

Burke Museum; University of Washington, Seattle
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