We Are Eight by arkensiel

We Are Eight

As it is our birthday I am allowed to write in the journal; Florence is not very good at typing or spelling, which is why I get to do it. Do you know, we thought she had forgotten, as she did not give us any presents or treats this morning so we went out and I caught a bunny which me and Florence played with; she was cross, but it is what cats do. Then she went out, but we stayed at home with Daddy. When she came back the ends of her fingers were all pink and shiny.

After lunch she came into the garden with us and got all excited because the grass was growing. I ask you, what did she think it would do. She wanted a picture of us together, but we messed about as we still thought she had forgotten our birthday. The Ocado lorry came with the groceries and the only thing on it for us was a bag of cat litter!

We were still messing about in the garden and would not pose together, but I forgot and went to see what Florence was looking at in the shrubbery, so she got her picture of us, but it was of the backs of our heads!

Anyway, she had not forgotten us and there were some treats for us after all, different flavoured Dreamies; she wondered aloud if we deserved them. Of course we did and she did get a picture after all; it is our older sister Sybil’s birthday too, I wonder if she got any presents?
Cute shot and funny story :)
June 20th, 2015  
@nitrogene thank you, on special occasions Dougal writes in the journal.
June 22nd, 2015  
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