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While it's a little overdue, we're very excited to announce the theme winner for the last Weekly Theme of 2018 - holidays! Thank you again to everyone who cast a vote for their favourite festive photo! We're thrilled to announce @deekjames as the winner! We love how @deekjames played with depth of field and the rule of thirds to turn a simple... Read more
1) How Many Flamingoes Can You See? by TaffyR 2) 2019-01-11 feel at one with nature by Mona 3) Snow Kitty by *lynn 4) King of the Grassland by Shepherdman's Wife 5) son of a beach by Graeme Stevens 6) Snaking through the Shingle by FBailey 7) dragon dreams? (row row row your boat song title challenge) by KoalaGardens 8) Waiting My Turn by Milanie 9) Abandoned... Read more
1) Elephants Walking Along the Waterhole by TaffyR 2) Beach Ball by Babs 3) 2019-01-06 fancy a coffee in a street side cafe? by Mona 4) Bora Bora by KWind 5) I take a break, best wishes! by Jerome 6) African daisy.... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 7) where's wally by Graeme Stevens 8) Holy Ghost Alley by FBailey 9) Spun Gold At the Outlet... Read more
1) Rainbows by KWind 2) Friends take a walk. by Lee 3) December Sunsets are the Best by Milanie 4) Metra Awaits Its Passengers by TaffyR 5) Sunset by *lynn 6) 2018-12-30 on the way home by Mona 7) You Know You've Grown Up by CC Folk 8) Strange light by Pam Knowler 9) Lincoln Park Eagles by gloria jones 10) Summer in a Bottle by Babs 11) Still... Read more
As we get stuck into a fresh new year, we wanted our first monthly theme to be something that every 365er can have fun with! One of the most simple, yet effective, ways improve your photography skills is to work on composition, with one of the most popular techniques being the “Rule of Thirds”. Whether you’re focusing on portraits, landscapes,... Read more
It's a new year and 365 Project has decided it's time for a new look too! You've probably seen the new design and I'm sure you have plenty of thoughts on it. If you're new to the site you might be wondering why everything just changed? I've been wanting to make improvements to the site for a while now, and over the... Read more
Header and thumbnail image credit goes to @kjarn Happy New Year 365ers! It’s no secret that the New Year is one of our favourite times of the year! We can’t help but reminisce about past adventures, cherishing all the amazing memories that have been recorded on 365 project throughout 2018. While looking back with fondness, we’re also met with excitement and curiosity... Read more
We can't quite believe we've wrapped up yet another year on 365 Project, and can't thank you all enough for the amazing theme entries you've made in the last 365 days. As always, we've been thinking about how we can use our resources to give you guys the best possible 365 Project experience, so will be switching from weekly themes... Read more
1) An Uninviting Place Without The Sunrise Colors by *lynn 2) Golden Hour by Babs 3) Pretty bauble.......... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 4) red-vented bulbul by Jerome 5) 2018-12-24 Frohe Weihnachten / Joyeux Noël / Merry Christmas / Buon Natale / Feliz Navidad by Mona 6) Thatched Cottage, Upper Harlestone by carol white 7) Just Doors by FBailey 8) Tui by Carole G 9) Stormy... Read more
With this week's theme starting on Christmas Day, we couldn't resist choosing something festive! So, this week's theme is 'holidays'. Whether you're keeping you fingers crossed for a 'white Christmas' in the Northern Hemisphere or have a festive BBQ planned in the sunshine of the Southern Hemisphere - it's the perfect time of year to capture fun and memories that... Read more
1) Chasing the Sunrise by *lynn 2) THE SEA IN ACTION by Dione Giorgio 3) tranquility by jDM 😎 4) Feed time for Willy by Denise Wood 5) Let it snow by Pam Knowler 6) View from the dunes by 4rky 7) Big Surf at Shore Acres B and W by Jane Pittenger 8) Rainbow as the sun sets. by sally agnew 9) one of 1001 nights... Read more
Whether it's the cold dark nights leaving you feeling the need for a pick-me-up, or the festive season being the perfect time to indulge, this time of year has got us thinking about our favourite things - inspiring this weeks theme 'treats'. We want you to have lots of fun with this week's theme and even use it as another... Read more