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1) Celebrating the 4th of July by TaffyR 2) The Beach by jDM 3) Coneflowers by *lynn 4) feisty by Graeme Stevens 5) Moth and bug..... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 6) How Can He Eat Upside Down? by Milanie 7) Good Morning To You! by Karly 8) Early morning clouds. by sally agnew 9) A Sandwich for Laura by FBailey 10) He's back on my chimney,... Read more
From man made to man (or woman!) ourselves, this week's theme is 'anatomy'. Some of the most thought-provoking and emotive photographs feature us, and particular parts of our faces or bodies, which are so essential for communicating with one another. Maybe you'll focus on highlighting physical parts of our anatomy, or maybe you'll find inspiration in our emotions and how we... Read more
1) Across the Berkeley Hills by TaffyR 2) Watching the Waves by Babs 3) Bringing home the food.. by Mark Lynham 4) cirque de gavarnie by Clare Gadsby 5) 2018-07-01 illusion by Mona 6) Aren't I Handsome? by Jane Pittenger 7) Morning Swim by Skip Tribby 📷 8) Zinnias by *lynn 9) Reed Bunting by carol white 10) Abutilon by tony gig 11) Goats Beard in black and white! by... Read more
This week we want you to seek inspiration in the things we often take for granted day to day, with the theme 'man-made'. From giant skyscrapers to tiny computer chips, we are surrounded by things that have been created thanks to mankind. It's easy to think about objects or buildings, but this is also a great theme for practicing food photography,... Read more
1) Meditating Frog by TaffyR 2) In The Ditch by *lynn 3) Jewels in the crown.... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 4) Getting Comfy by Milanie 5) 2018-06-22 sunset with friends by Mona 6) Stairwell Currituck Beach Lighthouse by Skip Tribby 📷 7) My 2 little friends by Denise Wood 8) Sunrise reflections. by sally agnew 9) Tip me over and pour me out! by... Read more
Wow it's almost the end of June, how did that happen?! This week marks the mid point of 2018, so we'd like to say a massive 'Congratulations' to everyone that's also halfway through their project - you guys are awesome! It's also inspired us to go with the theme, 'half'. We admit this is not an obvious theme to work with,... Read more
1) Swan Lake by TaffyR 2) A Fiery Sunset by Babs 3) peeking peacock by Suzanne 4) huddled masses by Graeme Stevens 5) The golden time for chasing dreams by jDM 6) In the garden by haskar 7) 2018-06-16 i love cherries,... by Mona 8) Blue Heron by mittens (Marilyn) 9) Dance Like No One's Watching by Rosie Kerr 10) hanging on......... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 11)... Read more
Whether we're driving, perhaps following our GPS, or trying to read someone's body language, day to day we're constantly looking for, and being guided by, 'signals'. The most obvious signals might be the ones we see around us - the traffic lights at the crossroads or a wave to come over - but remember that we're also tuned into signals that... Read more
1) The Sunset (Yet Again) by TaffyR 2) Fragility by FBailey 3) Peggys Cove Lighthouse by Peter Dulis 4) My Feeder, No, My Feeder by Jane Pittenger 5) Mummy by Shepherdman's Wife 6) Splish Splash by Babs 7) Early morning light. by sally agnew 8) Merlin by Islandgirl 9) Margaritas on the rocks...... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 10) Softly by haskar 11) High Jinx by... Read more
From being inspired by our beautiful planet, to the stars and beyond, this week we're looking 'skyward' for the weekly theme. We want you to look upwards - as far as capturing a star-packed long exposure shot, or an awesome picture of the Milky Way. Or you can look a little closer to earth as looking skyward isn't just about what... Read more
1) Double Rainbow Over Chicago by TaffyR 2) i bring you the moon by ☠northy 3) WindFarm and Weather by *lynn 4) 2018-06-04 evening stroll... by Mona 5) Lowered Landing Gear! by Islandgirl 6) Strolling in the sunset by Denise Wood 7) A frosty morning. by sally agnew 8) Lined Up Leaves by gloria jones 9) "Oh give me a home ...... by Karly 10) Northern Norway by Elisabeth... Read more
What's the one thing that connects everyone together, all 7.6 billion of us? It is of course this incredible planet! That's right, this week's theme is inspired by our world, our 'earth'. From flora and fauna to sunshine and snow, I'm sure most of you will agree that Mother Nature herself is to thank for so many amazing photographs, and... Read more