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1) Full Moon Magic by Jennifer 2) Milky Way Over the Mountains by TaffyR 3) Dachstein by Jerome 4) DSC_6699 by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 5) Transformation by Cathie 6) Hover fly head-on by Jodie Smithall 7) old master - a very still life by Graeme Stevens 8) Jellybean by Michelle Renee 9) Under the Bridge by Shepherdman's Wife 10) Colours. by Leana Niemand 11)... Read more
1) evening glow by Jerome 2) dewy fall morning by *lynn 3) Sunny Side Down by Jennifer 4) Beauty by my Pond by Shepherdman's Wife 5) Patchy Fog... by Scott 6) 2016 10 13 Undercarriage Down by Pam Knowler 7) Finding Beauty in Dangerous Seas by MichaelBlueEyes 8) Well Hi.... by julia 9) What's a Sweet Heart Like You, Doing On a Trunk... Read more
1) Across the Rooftops at the Golden Hour by TaffyR 2) Being Heard by Jennifer 3) Aim for the stars by Rachel 4) Hint of Green by Shepherdman's Wife 5) Brighton Rocks by PTP: Past their Prime 6) 2016-10-07 sneaking out the back door... by Mona 7) Blackberry picking by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 8) Positively Glowing by Dyan Stevens 9) 100 Happy Days - Book... Read more
1) 2016-09-29 yellow pages abstract swirl by Mona 2) Forest in Snake Pass by Shepherdman's Wife 3) Milky Way Over Kona by TaffyR 4) Milky Way At Neptune by Jane Pittenger 5) DSC_4299 by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 6) Blue hour in Manarola by Hiro 7) Right Angles by Louis A. Sousa 8) Taking Notes by Jennifer 9) listening to silence by Jerome 10) Untitled by Lorraine... Read more
1) Stones and Stars by PTP: Past their Prime 2) Trespassing by KWind 3) Dunnock by Graham Thresher 4) Milky Way Meets Volcano Crater by TaffyR 5) All wrapped up by Rachel 6) It's a way of life. by Leana Niemand 7) 2016-09-23 peacock feather by Mona 8) Cosmos subdued by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 9) My Blackbird by Maggiemae 10) Take Off by Karen Mitchell 11) i... Read more
1) we are all stardust... by Jerome 2) Unreachable by Jennifer 3) Grey Heron by Graham Thresher 4) Emperor by PTP: Past their Prime 5) gentle morning by *lynn 6) The Rest of the Building by bkb in the city 7) 2016-09-18b Zwetschgen tarte (colour version) by Mona 8) Spiral by Lorraine (Lori)🐘 9) Harvest Moon, September 16, 2016 by Islandgirl 10) Bedragled by Shepherdman's Wife 11) Shoelace... Read more
1) Flying Canada Geese by Graham Thresher 2) "It's okay! I've got this!" by Jane Armstrong 3) Old Crystal Mill by Lynne 4) Oakley by Jennifer 5) smiling sunlight by Jerome 6) Just popping up to say hello by Shepherdman's Wife 7) splashing Toronto by ☠northy 8) View from Martinsell Hill by PTP: Past their Prime 9) 2016-09-11 heeelp meeee! by Mona 10) Sisaket Temple, Ventiane by Leana Niemand 11)... Read more
1) Grizzly's Dinner by Shepherdman's Wife 2) Water Rail by Graham Thresher 3) Summer Fly Fishing by Lynne 4) 2016-09-02 against the light by Mona 5) Mushroom King by TaffyR 6) September Sunrise by *lynn 7) Muizenberg beach huts (1) by Debs Stott 8) Floating on the Surface by Simply Amanda 9) All Clean for the Holiday Weekend by Milanie 10) the sky darkened; the mountains shrank... by Izzy... Read more
1) A Night to Remember by KWind 2) Palace of Westminster by PTP: Past their Prime 3) feeling lucky by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 4) Sparkling Swan Lake by Graham Thresher 5) 2016-08-25 lost in space by Mona 6) And then the sun rose over the river. by Denise Wood 7) White-Faced Scops Owl by carol white 8) Untitled by tommykeith 9) Boat building by john... Read more
1) bejeweled by *lynn 2) A Tall Ship Goes By by TaffyR 3) Boat Shed by PTP: Past their Prime 4) “The simplification of life is one of the steps to inner peace.” by JdM 5) Indigo by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 6) Really Intricate Little Fellows by Milanie 7) Graceful by Lorraine (Lori)🐘 8) Optical illusion by Babs 9) Dragonfly by Graham Thresher 10) I... Read more
1) Sea Of Swans by Graham Thresher 2) Liquid Asset by Jennifer 3) Sunday foggy Sunday by JdM 4) buoyant by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 5) scar upon the sky by Graeme Stevens 6) Overcrowded Home.... by Shepherdman's Wife 7) No Sunset Tonight, No Meteor Showers by TaffyR 8) The Warehouse District by Debs Stott 9) Flipped Reflections by Babs 10) If You Plant It... Read more
1) Swan and loving Cygnet by Graham Thresher 2) Spoon Reflections by Babs 3) transparent by Annie D 4) Day dreaming by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 5) Corduroy Field by *lynn 6) Any I-Deer ....... by Jennifer 7) Trading this cloudy weather for some full sunshine... by Denise Wood 8) Bee by tony gig 9) Hummer Searches for Natural Food by TaffyR 10) A fleeting capture by... Read more