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1) a break from the clouds by *lynn 2) Nearly Spotless by Jennifer 3) the darkest rose v2.0 by Graeme Stevens 4) Pee Po.... by Shepherdman's Wife 5) Coming Down by tony gig 6) Afternoon Ambulation by Dyan Stevens 7) winter walk by Jerome 8) Full on Attention. by Lee 9) Lilies in black and white... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 10) Fish for lunch again?... Read more
Something we all have and follow - traditions! As they can be different from person to person we thought it would be fun for our 365 community to share their traditions, whether they are new or have been in the family for generations. From food and festivities to weekly rituals and routines, have your camera ready to capture anything traditional! How... Read more
1) Sheep-ish by Jennifer 2) pause by Jerome 3) It's Raining! by Babs 4) occasionally, a chair...final by Graeme Stevens 5) Piedmont Park is Proud of Itself by TaffyR 6) Watching.... by Shepherdman's Wife 7) Mount Bromo (2) by Leana Niemand 8) Dark Path by Vera 9) Catching rays by Judith Greenwood 10) Have you seen the soap? by Rosie Kind 11) Make A Wish by Lorraine (Lori)🐘 12) Busy... Read more
Whether it's the depths of winter or the heights of summer, wherever you are in the world a rainbow can always brighten your day. So, after a tricky week photographing packaging, we thought a colourful and energetic theme would balance things out and help us shake those January blues. Have your cameras at the ready for the real thing or... Read more
1) clear winter air... by Jerome 2) 3D Orb by Babs 3) Beauty in Snowflakes by Milanie 4) fallen by *lynn 5) Wildflowers at Kata Tjuta by Sheralee S 6) Old Hunstanton by Shepherdman's Wife 7) Walking Up From the River by TaffyR 8) Bathing robin by Rosie Kind 9) Incoming!! by PhotoCrazy 10) ...a wonderful end by Denise Wood 11) Morning Glow by Islandgirl 12) Peek a boo!... Read more
Packaging. It's a part of our daily lives and sometimes we loathe it and sometimes it gives you butterflies in your tummy (think little blue boxes with white ribbons!). Whether we toss it in the bin, post a video of it on YouTube (yep, that's a thing!) or have hours of fun playing with it first, we want to see... Read more
1) Bluetit by Shepherdman's Wife 2) Before the Storm... by Jennifer 3) PLAY January - Nikon 50mm f/1.4G: Country road... by Richard Sayer 4) Chocolate Cat by Vera 5) Enjoying the Last Bit of Warmth by TaffyR 6) winter sunrise by *lynn 7) Grasses in abstract... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 8) when the sun glows through the winter forest by Jerome 9) Fluffy, soft... Read more
From sunsets to stars and skyscrapers to swallows, some of our favourite things can be found when we look upwards. Share what you can capture when you're 'Looking Up'. (Just be careful not to bump into things or hurt your neck!) How to enter this weeks theme When uploading your photos use the tag section (on the edit/organise screen) and insert this... Read more
1) calm canal by Jerome 2) a walk in the woods by Shady 3) I'm Posing For You by TaffyR 4) Orchestral Goose by Shepherdman's Wife 5) Pacific Northwest by gloria jones 6) Bejewelled... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 7) Delightful Reverie by Beau 8) Leading Light by Jennifer 9) A Year in Review by KWind 10) Project 52: Week 53 - Frosty Trees by Richard... Read more
Image credit goes to @cherrymartina What better time to bring back the Weekly Theme than the first week of 2017! For those of you that are new to the Weekly Theme process, it's a fun way to set yourself a challenge and focus for the week - especially helpful if you have a touch of 'photographer's block'. Most importantly, it's a... Read more
Title image credit goes to @joemuli So here it is, our favourite time of year - faced with a brand new year with 365 days, or as we like to say, ‘365 opportunities’. Not only do we get to say a massive Congratulations to our members who completed their first (or maybe second, third or umteenth) 365 project, but as a... Read more
1) the light... by Jerome 2) Sun Rises in the Estuary by TaffyR 3) first day of winter by *lynn 4) Surprise by Shepherdman's Wife 5) Crescent Beach by KWind 6) Stars Come Out Just After Sunset At Siltcoos Outlet by Jane Pittenger 7) 2016 12 23 - Storm Warning!! by Pam Knowler 8) ....and now the wrapping is done! by Denise Wood 9) A New Voice Heard... Read more