I'm It-- who's next?! Round 3 of the Tag Challenge starts now!

April 21st, 2024
Thank you to @spanishliz for hosting Round 2, and thank you to everyone who participated and/or voted in the last round! I'm honoured to have been chosen as the winner and I'm eager to see what everyone will come up with this time!

Let's play Tag! The challenge here is to select two random tags and combine them in one photograph.

Here is how to get your tags:

-Go to the "Browse" drop-down menu and select "By Tag"

-With your eyes closed, move the cursor across the tags for a few seconds,
then stop. The tag your cursor is on when you open your eyes is your first subject.

-Repeat this one more time to get your second subject.

Once you've got your two words, let your imagination take over and have some fun as you combine the two tags into one photo. Please state your tags when you post your picture so that we all know what your randomly chosen words were. You may enter as many times as you'd like. For subsequent entries you may choose to use the same two tags over again or to repeat the tag selection process and use new randomly selected tags for each photo.

This will be a three week challenge-- a quick game is a good game!

Start Date- Sunday 21st April
End Date- Sunday 12th May

Voting Period- 13th May through 18th May

Announcement of Winner- 19th May

The winner will host the next Tag Challenge!

Please tag your entries for this challenge with tag3-2024.

Entries for this round can be seen here: https://365project.org/tags/tag3-2024
April 21st, 2024
close up and flower Should be easy which is what I need right now!
April 21st, 2024
Flower and texture for me
April 21st, 2024
building and wildlife
April 22nd, 2024
Colour and leaf
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