Fat, Dumb, and Happy by dmariewms

Fat, Dumb, and Happy

A feeding frenzy is like Thanksgiving dinner, afterwards you just have to sit around for a bit and rest. Cormorants are usually much sleeker birds. I love the detail I got on his feathers - he was very close to the Seawall and I didn't have to zoom much at all. Actually taken the 18th, but I had an overflow.
Nice shot! Good to see you here again or perhaps I lost track of you somehow! I remember you were dealing with some health issues- how are you feeling? He really is posing nicely for you!
March 21st, 2017  
@olivetreeann I was gone for a while - posted rarely. It is partial seizures, and they mess up my vision [other than that it is just mostly strange noises in my head - don't be overly concerned]. That landed me with a dawn to dusk driver's license and very little mobility in the short winter days, and not much time after work even on the longer days of summer. I fell into the trap of not doing something at all because I couldn't do it the way I used to. I was on vacation this week, and I'm promising myself I will post at least one day each week now that the days are getting longer. Might be a picture of the weeds in my garden, but it will be a picture. Might be a picture of the pouring rain, given that good weather and my days off don't like to coincide.
March 21st, 2017  
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