I Am Thankful For.....Commitment by dmrams

I Am Thankful For.....Commitment

I was so proud of Miranda and three of the cheerleaders tonight. Even though it was Halloween, they were the only ones out of 12 cheerleaders that showed up to cheer at our 8th grade team's district championship football game. I am proud of them for being committed to their team and also to their responsibiity as a cheerleader. They actually had a fun time--their cheer coaches were so thoughtful and gave each girl a bag of candy and Halloween socks!! :) Miranda had fun trick-or-treating through the stands as Chomps the Gator. :) I am proud of the football players and the coaches too--they also gave up their Halloween night to play/coach and it was definitely worth it because we WON!!! We are district champs!! After we left the game, Miranda went trick or treating in our neighborhood still wearing her mascot uniform and got a lot of laughs--it was a fun night!! ** I'm so sorry I haven't been making comments lately--been so busy and now my school district has blocked 365 so I can't post comments before or after school like I used to do sometimes--Bummer!! :( I will try to catch up tomorrow night--the only night I don't have anything going on***

Today I'm thankful for...

1. had a fun day with my students--we had "spooky day"-- the kids sit in a circle with the lights out and read the scary stories they have written by the light of a flashlight--their stories were so creative!!
2. students who are committed to their responsibilities
3. a district win for our 8th grade football players
4. a fun Halloween night
Pure dedication, that says so much of her character.
November 1st, 2011  
That IS dedication! Congrats to the team & the cheerleaders, for cheering them to victory. Cool ... she had an "instant" costume! Haha!

365 is such a rogue site! Pft.
November 1st, 2011  
Very cool
November 1st, 2011  
Sounds like a fun Halloween!
November 1st, 2011  
Your team got the treat and their opponents got the trick. Congratulations to all your players and bah to the grinch who scheduled a game on Halloween. Probably the same people who decided to block 365.
November 4th, 2011  
haha! This is cute! And it's so good that she was dedicated to the team.
November 6th, 2011  
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