It's the Little Things

Day 121----Today was a long day. I'm glad there are only three Mondays left until summer. I went across the street to take pictures of my neighbors flowers and didn't even know I had captured this bug until I saw it on my computer.I love it when that happens--when there is something in the picture that I didn't notice when I took the shot. Also, it's amazing how small this flower really is....
I had an interview today at a restaurant that's opening soon. The interview went really well and the manager was very positive and made comments about "when you work here", but then after he went and spoke to the main boss he told me to call them after school is out for summer. I'm so frustrated--why call me right now before school is out to interview me when you KNOW beforehand (because it's on my application) that I am a teacher, only to tell me to wait until summer????!!! YOU called ME!!! Grrrrr!!! Oh well, something will come available.....

Today I'm thankful for....

1. only three more Mondays
2. a husband that not only changes the sheets on our bed but also irons the top sheet beforehand-and doing both without being asked :)
3. the little things in life that often go unnoticed
4. reminders that God has a patient
Beautiful capture of the flowers... and the bonus ant.

Good luck with the interview. AND? I like your number 4.
posted May 1st, 2012  
Well hopefully something better is waiting for you
posted May 1st, 2012  
posted May 1st, 2012  
So Beautiful Dalla.
Wishing you luck with your interview .
posted May 1st, 2012  
Lovely capture
posted May 1st, 2012  
It is the little things that often go unnoticed that are the biggest blessings. I'm sorry about your frustrating day.
posted May 1st, 2012  
It's not easy to be patient. It must be difficult to look for a summer job...and I don't know that I would find anything in my town. I'm glad that I can teach summer school. I hope you find something!
posted May 2nd, 2012  
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