UFC by dmrams


For Trevor's birthday, his dad and I gave him money to buy tickets to the UFC fight, which was held Saturday night. Even though I didn't take this picture, I wanted to use it for the day. I'm glad he and Jesslyn had a good time. I spent my morning cleaning and then I went to work. I enjoyed the people I worked with, but for some reason, despite good service, several customers didn't tip well at all. Some of the other servers had the same experience,too. If people cannot afford to tip a server who works hard and does a good job, then they should stay home. Just my opinion. Okay, I'm done with my rant. 😀

Today I'm thankful for....

1. Sleeping in
2. Trevor having fun at something he's been looking forward to for months
3. That he found a parking spot (inside story)
4. Finally getting to work with Brandi 😀
5. Haven't had a soda since January 1
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