A Day of Rest by dmrams

A Day of Rest

I woke up this morning with fever, watery eyes, a sore throat, and a horrible cough, so I ended up having to stay home. I went to the doctor and found out I have a sinus infection. I am so glad it's not the flu!! I'm even more thankful that I got sick this week instead of next since I'll be heading to see Addie and I definitely don't want to be sick then! I didn't have anything to take a picture of so I took one of the moon. I hope I'm better tomorrow so I can go to school and work tomorrow night.

Today I'm thankful for....

1. Beth subbing for me today
2. getting some rest
3. not having the flu
4. antibiotics
5. Panda Express--it was a treat being able to pick up some lunch on my way home from the doctor
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