Old and British (4) by edpartridge

Old and British (4)

My original idea of 9 different photos of me didn't work as frankly I'm too tired and look like death warmed up. So some creative lighting coupled with black and white, plus a flip of the photo (As I had shot into a mirror) gives you this rush job ... (Feeling) Old and British.
Hi Ed! What fun to see you out from your turtle neck! I'm another "oldster" too, but I think there're a lot of us, and, personally, I think everyone looks great, so maybe it will help me not feel too bad about myself either! I think this was a really excellent theme!

You're lookin' good!
April 15th, 2010  
Hey! As Louise says finally he's out of his turtle neck! :-) Nice to see you!
April 15th, 2010  
trash the turtleneck mate ! summers here ! wahaay!
(knowing the weather in this country - i hope i didn't speak too soon!)
April 15th, 2010  
I love all your photos and I check it frequently- however I had to create an account to say hi! I miss you on facebook friend!!! Did you know that Donald and Hayden have facebook now? You should come back!
April 16th, 2010  
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