Where everybody knows your roll by happysorceress

Where everybody knows your roll

From the Thai/sushi place we love.

Nice place. Friendly people who remember us every time we're there (which these days, sadly, isn't very often). Asks after if one of us is missing, know what we like or don't like.

Because it was for me, they added an extra order of tamago.
This is interesting! My husband is a big fan of tomago, but it looks different here/in our experience. We're used to the egg just being a solid slab (uniform in colour, etc).
July 17th, 2023  
That's often because they're using a method of baking the tamago - it's poured into a pan and slow-baked, then, depending on the depth of the pan, cut into thick slices or rolled up, pressed, then cut, ensuring that even color.
The more...traditional? I suppose way to make it is to pour a thin layer into a special pan, let is *just* set, roll it up, lift that bit, pour more another layer until it sets, add the already rolled layer back, roll the other way, and continue until you've used all the egg mixture.
That gets wrapped up and pressed into a lfat-ish log, then slices, giving you what's seen above.
August 29th, 2023  
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