A Beginning by humphreyhippo

A Beginning

Started a new sculpting project today, trying to follow some non-Blender instructions. I've made my own base mesh and sculpted in the main shapes. I'd just got to the stage of beginning to refine the details when I realised the time and thought it was a good place to take a progress render.
The instructions call this a gargoyle. It really isn't, but it's a fun shape to try replicate.
Intriguing... do you start by drawing the form? Or do you use the soft wear to create shapes and meld them into the form?
December 28th, 2019  
@northy The latter. Whilst you can just start from a sphere (aka a digital "ball of clay"). For shapes like this, it's easier to build a base mesh from basic shapes like spheres and cylinders, join them all together, and then sculpt it into shape.
December 28th, 2019  
ooh how fun...I am going to try something new art wise in 2020 but not sure what yet
December 29th, 2019  
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