SculptJanuary - Cream Horn by humphreyhippo

SculptJanuary - Cream Horn

Day 3 of Sculpt January 2022.
Today's prompt is Horns.

This sculpt was mainly about reminding myself how to make alphas from images and how to vertex paint inside Nomad.
Don't think I got the pastry texture, but I'm pleased with the painting (for the most part!).
One of those sculpts that works better the smaller you see it. ;)
I like it…. And now I want a real one…. Sadly, I feel that kind of pastry is like alcohol…. Really should only be partaken of during social occasions…. 😔
January 3rd, 2022  
Ps - are you going for a beige look this month?
January 3rd, 2022  
@northy Not intentionally. Just trying to learn from previous years and have a fixed render set-up to use if I don’t have anything else. Let’s me focus on sculpting rather than ‘finishing’.
January 3rd, 2022  
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