SculptJanuary - Tentacles by humphreyhippo

SculptJanuary - Tentacles

Day 14 of Sculpt January 2022.
Today's prompt is Limb.

More an exercise in creating bespoke alphas in Procreate and bringing them into Nomad, rather than sculpting.
Beautiful colors and details
January 14th, 2022  
Out of curiosity, do you have to come up with every detail? Ever wave and curve of the tentacles, the size and even-ness, or lack thereof of the suckers? The intricacies are kinda mind boggling!
January 15th, 2022  
@northy Each tentacle is made from a tube object - basically like a Photoshop pen tool bezier curve. You can control the radius & curve of the tube when you add it into the scene before you 'validate' it and those things become baked into the mesh. Each sucker is placed using an alpha I purposely made - which is like creating a b&w brush in Photoshop. Same for the little bumps. It looks more detailed than it is. ;)
January 15th, 2022  
@northy If explained that poorly, he has some little videos on the Nomad tool page:
Stamp brush and Tube tool are the ones I mostly used here.
January 15th, 2022  
Tx! Definitely mind boggling!
January 15th, 2022  
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