First incident at the new house... Osa jumped on a chair and it slide into a window and cracked it. Do you think she'll pay for the damage?
Well, at least it made a great capture!
posted September 16th, 2018  
Nasty pieces of glass but they made a wonderful photo. Poor Osa, was she very frightened?
posted September 16th, 2018  
Awesome black and white...(hope dog has recovered—must have been a shock)
posted September 17th, 2018  
@linnypinny @jacqbb @amyk Thanks everyone! She was definitely startled and is still very suspicious of that entire area! Poor girl!
posted September 17th, 2018  
The photo you like! The accident is no longer!
posted September 17th, 2018  
very nice detail
posted September 18th, 2018  
The broken window is not funny but it makes an excellent picture :)
posted September 22nd, 2018  
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