I Was Given Flowers Today :D by loey5150

I Was Given Flowers Today :D

Early this afternoon I heard a voice at my front door.
Imagine my surprise to see my oldest brother bearing a beautiful bunch of flowers and a card.
I was thrilled.
You see about 3 1/2 weeks ago, my brother, Allan asked me to organise airfares to Munich (Germany) to attend a mate's wedding on 8th May.
He hadn't got around to organising it or his passport !!
I suggested that as he was spending that much on airfares, he might like to visit an old mate in Scotland , and then do a tour of Europe.
In spite of him not being sure of dates & times, I finaly organised a great package for him for a month.
I know he will have the best time!
He leaves on Wednesday - this lovely brother of mine.

I just love the card he picked for me - it reads :

For Wonderful You
(Warm words of Gratitude with a poem by Emily Matthews)
There are wonderful people
who give from their hearts
in thoughtful ways,
So willing to share,
help out, or be there,
no matter how busy their days...
There are people we count on,
whose wisdom and caring
help everything work out just right -
Wonderful people
who shine in our lives
with their gentle and beautiful light.
If only you could know the thanks
that fill each thought of you
And the smiles that warm each memory
of the generous things you do,you'd know you're treasured
more that words can say.
Thank You So Much.
April 26th, 2010  
That's so sweet, and the flowers are beautiful.
April 26th, 2010  
zwwww how sweet :)
April 26th, 2010  
That's such a nice gesture...on both of your parts! We've found that Australians take longer travel trips and anyone we know. We've decided it must be because you have so far to go to see anything! Won't he have a lovely time!
April 26th, 2010  
this is very touching! you deserve every bit of the words said in the card!
April 26th, 2010  
How sweet......very charming words
April 27th, 2010  
Well done Allan, Lois you deserve it, for the miracle of pulling together the trip in record time. Yes he will have fun and he will thank you again when he is home safe and sound. Your a one in a million sister. XOXO
April 27th, 2010  
I agree it was just lovely and so unexpected.
April 27th, 2010  
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