Birthday Lunch With Relatives by mozette

Birthday Lunch With Relatives

Today, I was out and about with my Aunty Helen, Oma and cousin Kate for lunch at The Lions' Den at Springwood. It's an AFL club not far from Mum and Dad's place. However being a Hawthorne fan, my loyalties lay with another club (yeah, I'm that dedicated that I won't join here).

We had a lovely lunch there where Aunty Helen paid for mine. I had salt'n'pepper calimari and Lemon, Lime and bitters (traditionally made) for a drink... what a lunch! Then it was off to McDonalds for coffee...
Presents were handed out. Kate gave me $40 in cash as she wasn't sure what to get me, I said I've been saving up for an outdoor setting from Bunnings. And low and behold! Aunty Helen hands me a card with two $20 Bunnings vouchers in it! Yay! I'm going to get my outdoor setting next week! What a cool birthday so far!
Happy Birthday, and now you can get another job done real soon
October 4th, 2013  
@digitalrn Thank you for you lovely comment. Yeah, I can. And then, I'll be saving up big to get park benches for the back yard... I'm hoping to get three of the ones with metal arms and legs that look lovely and traditional and they have a lot of room on them. Then, I'll get a few waterproof cushions to put on them from a pool shop and use them to lounge around on them... my ultimate in reading comfort in my garden. :D

But those park benches will come next year.
October 7th, 2013  
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