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Hi, I am from Cambridgeshire, UK and have recently started doing some photography. I did a Photo-a-day challenge throughout Lent and wanted to continue. My son told me about the 365 project so I am giving it a go. I have a bridge camera - a Nikon L840 which I am just getting to grips with. I do not have Photoshop or the like for editing photos and I dont have any equipment other than a tripod, monopod and a sheet of black card! Looking forward to seeing and hopefully sharing some great images

Update December 2016
I am very much enjoying this year of 365project. The community are so welcoming and supportive and I have learnt loads so far. The Get Pushed Challenge is such a brilliant way to learn more, it is a double challenge - to respond to the challenges I am given and to give appropriate and fun challenges to others.
I have been amazed at the number of photos that have made it to the Popular Page! I did not expect that to happen as I am very much a novice/amateur photographer. I leave the professional stuff to my son!

Get pushed challenges to date:
Panoramic shots
Word collage using objects
Isolated on white
Still life using 4/5 objects
Golden hour
Night photography
B & W
A day in my work life collage
Black and white
My name collage
Landscape with leading lines
B & W portraits
High key
Playing with shadows
Lines in architecture
Portraits featuring hands or feet
High/low perspective
Street scene with people in it
Playing with light
Using a phi grid
Negative space
Red on Red
Capture from above
High contrast shot
Re-work a fav from albumn
Low key
High key
Candid b&w image of people
Action/movement shot
Motion blur
Narrative in a single shot
Using the Mirror setting on my camera
Lines in architecture
My nationality
Using fabric
Rule of Space
Intentional Camera Movement (ICM)
Looking forward/looking back

Black and White minimalism
Food photography
A mechanical shot
Toys in a context
a diptych or triptych in the style of David Hilliard.
Panorama shot
"A shot in the dark"

Looking forward to 2018 and meeting some more challenges and lovely folk too.

April 2017
So I have completed my full year on 365 project! It has been a great experience and I have learnt so much from the community here. Now here's to the second year!