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November 2016.
So compared to my fellow 365'ers I feel a bit of a failure! How you guys can relentlessly not only complete every days entry but give support and critique, I don't know. Awe.
Holes in my Album like a colander.
It is however hugely addictive and I'm so grateful for the help and encouragement from all you wonderful 365 Friends.

September 2015.
Ok, so I'm getting to grips a bit with a photo a day. Slightly stressful (self imposed) to make each day as good as possible.
I love to get the enthusiastic comments but really could do with constructive criticism as well. (As long as it's well intentioned! )
LightRoom is my new investment. Not nearly as intuitive as Aperture but since Apple in their infinite wisdom have decided that they will no longer support it what's the choice.
Very best wishes to all fellow photographers.