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January 2020 - On the basis that the best camera is the one you have with you, the plan is to use the mobile more for daily shots and also to try out new things with the camera. Taking a daily photo, posting and commenting fell by the wayside over the last month or so of 2019 but New year, new start and no excuses. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to view, comment and fav over the last year. Your comments and encouragement are much appreciated.

June 2019 - Now have two cameras! A Fujifilm X-T100 (entry-level mirrorless) and a Lumix TZ-70 (a compact with a 30xzoom which is easier to carry around everyday). Also started a year long on-line photography course! Prettty sure neither of these things would have happened without 365 :)

May 2018 - Just signed up to the 365 Project having never owned a camera and always doubted my ability to take a decent photo. But recently discovered the camera on my smartphone and started taking photos. The 365 Project is brilliant and I have found the community to be very supportive and inspirational. I hope to acquire the know-how to capture the world around me. And who knows - if my photos improve - I may even get a camera!