Childhood's Joy Land... by Weezilou

Childhood's Joy Land...

Toyland, toyland
Little girl and boy land
While you dwell within it
You are ever happy there

Childhood's joy land
Mystic merry toyland
Once you pass its borders
You can ne'er return again

Among items I brought from the Purple house, this sweet little tea set that I thought Hazel might like to put in her room. I hadn't considered that she might actually still indulge in hosting a party! She filled the sugar bowl and topped the tea pot with water and a couple of flower petals, offering some to all her guests.

God bless the children, and may their sweet spirits and imagination infuse their years ahead when the world feels less gentle than this moment.

Nov 23
A lovely picture, and such a sweet story
December 1st, 2022  
So sweet and I am sure it was a wonderful tea party! So lovely to watch children playing!
December 1st, 2022  
Zoals de ouden zongen, piepen de jongen. ( like the old singing bleebs the young.)
Jong geleerd, oud gedaan. (Learn at young age is doing the rest of you life.)
Two Dutch sayings on this sweet capture. .
December 1st, 2022  
Someone is having fun
December 2nd, 2022  
You captured the moment perfectly. So sweet.
December 2nd, 2022  
So very sweet.
December 2nd, 2022  
That looks a fun tea party.
December 2nd, 2022  
Nice shot and great narrative.
December 2nd, 2022  
So sweet!
December 2nd, 2022  
What a beautiful tea set.
December 2nd, 2022  
So cute
December 2nd, 2022  
December 15th, 2022  
well, my friend, another Christmas, another year gone. i am writing a longish email but how is it that when one gets older there seems to be less time to do things that matter? merry Christmas to you and ken and all the best for 2023 and i'm sure we'll meet again at some point. ♥♥♥
December 25th, 2022  
This is so sweet. Hope you and Ken had a super duper Christmas. Will email soon too. Lots of love as always
December 27th, 2022  
Hi Louise, I wish you well for a great photogging year in 2023 and thank you for following me and your lovely comments
December 30th, 2022  
Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year. Hope you are doing well and are back home after you long trip.
December 30th, 2022  
A well-attended tea party. Nice to see you still posting. 🤗
January 5th, 2023  
January 7th, 2023  
January 7th, 2023  
Thanks dear Louise for you nice wishes and lines. Same in return to you, Ken and all you love ones. .
Potato`s need a lot of knowledge how to grow. For excample: the green and berries are poision, you can only grow them the best one year on the same spot. Take care of insects (Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say) and moulds. But if farmers can why we can`t ? You never knows before you tried. And even when it`s failed you have you enjoy you try. Succes.
January 7th, 2023  
Love the composition! Such a wonderful moment
January 8th, 2023  
Such a lovely capture and Amen to that
January 8th, 2023  
Oh my Louise, this is so dear. Love your poem and story too. 🥰
January 8th, 2023  
Great storytelling!
January 9th, 2023  
how sweet! Hi Louise! I was feeling nostalgic, so I joined again. You're the first person I looked for. Glad you're still here!
January 15th, 2023  
January 27th, 2023  
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