In the Pink by Weezilou

In the Pink

Lingering days of summer still in my heart; Autumn will be here soon enough...
Such a lovely poppy. 365 has shown me so many poppy colors I have never seen before. I love this!
September 20th, 2021  
@louannwarren In a front yard in Lunenburg...against the white porch railing of a lovely old home! It's my favorite also! (Digging randomly into my archives to see what I have there to "play with"!)
September 20th, 2021  
oh Louise this poppy and your photo are so beautiful! fav
September 20th, 2021  
Such a beautiful poppy! None of my poppies came up this year - not sure why.
September 20th, 2021  
Gorgeous capture of details, textures, colors
September 20th, 2021  
What a pretty poppy and I love the colour!
September 20th, 2021  
September 20th, 2021  
Very pretty!!
September 20th, 2021  
September 21st, 2021  
Very pretty :)
September 21st, 2021  
This is a lovely delicate pink image. Beautiful.
September 21st, 2021  
September 21st, 2021  
September 21st, 2021  
Lovely tones of pink, Louise!
September 21st, 2021  
How beautiful
September 25th, 2021  
So delicate
September 27th, 2021  
A lovely flower and processing. I have returned to 365 after some time away and thought that I would visit old friends. I noticed that Ron has not posted for an unusually long number of months. I was wondering if you knew whether he was okay. And I hope that both of you guys are doing well, too.
October 2nd, 2021  
@mbrutus How good it is to hear from you! About a month ago, Ron had a breakthrough case of Covid, but sequestered and is back out and about! We haven't seen one another in an age (like since late 2019 at least : ( What communication he has is good and I know he's busy with both his photography and motorcycle group. He's on FB a am I, but very very little...almost like 365! I've taken up and rekindled other artistic endeavors when I tired of photographing my back yard for a year! Next week I'll be involved in taking the 3rd Photoshop Summit, so, in some fashion I hope to continue to hone some skills! I'm on the phone frequently, as I was just this afternoon, with friends I've met through 365, so I won't give it up entirely; it would be like burning my address book! I've thought of you often and wonder how your gorgeous daughters are getting along. You've been missed and I'm really glad to see you again! This is like keeping a little mailbox available! ♥
October 2nd, 2021  
@Weezilou I know how you feel. I got quite depressed for a long while during the first year of the Pandemic. Photography was always one of my happy places, as were moviegoing, and soccer referreeing, and watching sports and they were all taken away at once. That summer was so hot all my flowers were wilting and not at all photogenic, as were the neighbors. There's only so many times you can take photo on the same walks through suburban neighborhoods. Even the Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy parks and trails were closed to hiking. Things are getting a little bit closer to normal now. And I've gone back to photograpy a little. But it is a struggle. But I always do enjoy coming back to 365 and catching up with you. I really need to work on my Photoshop skills, but I fear I lack the patience. One day though... Stay well. Be happy.
October 6th, 2021  
What a beautiful poppy. Glad you are safe and well and keeping busy :)
October 7th, 2021  
@mbrutus I see I'm quite delayed in replying to your nice note here! May I make a PS -skill suggestion to you? Because of the shutdowns, a teacher by the name of Dave Cross put together a Photoshop Summit with 20 teachers-of-note...5 days, 40 classes. As my mind retains so little anymore, for the early-bird price (around $90)all the classes, audio and class notes are still available to me. Loved it! He did the summit classes, got a discount for joining again, and loved that, too. Just finished a 3rd set of classes, and almost everything that was taught opened my eyes to all new things through PS! My grasp is good enough that I could follow along, but need to tune again to take it in steps! I'm thinking that surely I have your email...I'll send you a link! It's been so well-received, he'll do it in the spring again, I know. Going to see if I can write to you in email...
October 19th, 2021  
this is beautiful - I hope COVID has gone from your household now
October 25th, 2021  
merry Christmas, Louise and Ken, and all the best of the season. stay well and safe. hope to see you again soon!
December 25th, 2021  
Happy New Year to you both and looking forward to catching up with this year.
January 1st, 2022  
Fav. shot of this beautiful poppy flower.
Great to see/ have you back on 365. Have missed you
January 20th, 2022  
Thanks for stopping by Louise hope you and Ken are doing well, looking forward to being Covid free and able to travel again soon!
January 21st, 2022  
Thanks for stopping by -- it was good to "see" you pop up! Hope all is well!
January 22nd, 2022  
Hope you and Ken are keeping well. I do miss seeing your wonderful creations. My photography has taken a back seat for quite a while now. I hardly ever use my camera, mostly I'm using my phone. This year I hope to get back into using photoshop and playing around with older photos that I have saved. Take care and stay safe.
February 20th, 2022  
I'm popping in to see that you are both OK. Love the really pale pink of the poppy. I love blue ones too but haven't been able to grow them!
March 5th, 2022  
you popped into my thoughts - hope you and Ken are safe and well :)
March 22nd, 2022  
Stopped by because I'm staying at Domenico's right now and we mentioned you in conversation yesterday. And I thought of you a few days ago as I have been attending the largest children's Bookfair in the world. I hope you are well!
March 26th, 2022  
@Weezilou Just passing through and thinking of you. Lots of love winging its way across the ocean to you two!
March 29th, 2022  
Hi Louise!!! I saw that you dropped in on 365! I owe you a long email. You have been on my mind every day including the day your note arrived. There has been one thing after another...or me falling asleep! Maybe tomorrow I can get you an email since my lunch date was cancelled. Hoping for a rainy day at home with my furry girls.
April 14th, 2022  
Fab = fav!!
April 23rd, 2022  
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