Landing Pad by ajisaac

Landing Pad

This snap is of one of the UK's seven main pollinators (although there are more) which are Bumblebees, Hoverflies, Solitary Bees, Wasps, Moths, Butterflies and Beetles.

My snap is of a 'Marmalade Hoverfly' on one of the millions of nature's 'landing pads' that adorn our local Hedgerows.

Marmalade hoverflies (Episyrphus balteatus) can be found across the UK in gardens, parks and sunny woodland. They are able to fly extremely long distances, including from the UK to continental Europe.

Hoverflies are prolific pollinators. They are known to visit at least 72% of global food crops and over 70% of animal-pollinated wildflowers.

Highly migratory, hoverflies can travel hundreds of kilometres a day. They can also carry pollen over distances greater than 100 kilometres over open water. Based on radar studies of two common European species, Episyrphus balteatus and Eupeodes corollae, up to four billion individuals fly into and out of southern Britain each year, transporting huge amounts of pollen in the process.

We should be very grateful and give thanks for these amazing (but often underappreciated by so many humans) little creatures that work for the good of humanity!
Beautiful clarity.
July 3rd, 2023  
Beautiful close up
July 3rd, 2023  
Lovely close up.
July 3rd, 2023  
Beautiful detail
July 18th, 2023  
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