On the Bike by allsop

On the Bike

Delwyn, @dkbarnett, challenged me to try a "panning shot of someone riding a bike", so I grabbed the first good bit of weather I could to practice my little used panning technique. Hope this will meet the challenge Delwyn.
@dkbarnett Here's my attempt at panning, I really need to do a lot more practice I think!
February 13th, 2024  
I think you didn't have the best angle for panning this rider. Maybe try starting your panning when the rider is at this angle from you, then when he gets closer in front of you begin taking photos. That way you either get the blur of the objects in the background being passed and the rider clear or the rider in a blur and the background clear. But then this is what a get pushed challenge is all about. Practicing techniques you're not accustomed to doing.
February 14th, 2024  
@randystreat Thank you for your tips; I think help given by 365'ers is always helpful and it is one of the great things about this community. I will keep on practicing.
February 14th, 2024  
@allsop You're welcome. I always hope that anything I say like that is taken as only a suggestion not a critique. I don't have the knowledge or skills to appraise anyone's photography. But I know what I've tried in the past and it could be helpful.
February 15th, 2024  
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