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As I close in on year 3, I muse to myself, how much I have learned , how I see things , how I relate to them.
To me, photography is a mode of self expression.
Pictures speak, if we listen.

I have completed 2 years, learned a lot, made some acquaintances and some good friends. I started as a novice, who knew little.
The reason i am here and wish to begin my 3rd year is this space feels like home, where friends drop by, share ideas, encourage and it has helped me see beauty in the not so beautiful things. Today,I appreciate rust, neglected corners. The otherwise banal, today seems special.
Photography has gifted me quiet moments where I fly with the birds, pause with blossoms, stretch my arms out to capture a bird overhead.
I hope something new unfurls in my pictures, till then I'll soar in the clouds to catch the sunset. ;-)