Dal mein kuch kala hai by andycoleborn

Dal mein kuch kala hai

This is a Hindi quote which I think is so much more colourful than the English version. The literal translation is 'There is something black in the lentil' and means 'Something fishy going on' or 'Something odd here'...

Ok Ok, so the lentil here is green, but you get the idea... Pity I couldn't get the focus right on the 'odd one out' but still, it will do for this weeks' theme :-)

Hectic day today. See pic on 24 Dec. Today both the London TV news and Guardian national newspaper picked up on the story of the beer we have produced at work and want to do interviews tomorrow and Friday... Should be fun!

nice saying and i like the shot too
and what the deal with the beer!!!!! did someone say beer!! andy did you say beer!!
January 27th, 2010  
I like the saying too...and this shot has great dof.
January 27th, 2010  
Yep.. I did say beer... But to be honest, I didn't like it...lol.. was to 'earthy' for me...
January 28th, 2010  
I really like that expression! You're right, the Hindi version is much more colorful. I shall have to use it.

This picture is great for the theme. I agree that the dof is great!
January 29th, 2010  
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