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In my early 40s, originally from the Portsmouth area in Hampshire, but now live just outside of London and keen to become a better photographer.

Always looked a other people's photos and envied their 'eye' for a good shot. I inherited a Nickon DSLR in 2009 so thought it about time I learnt how to use it.

Hopefully I'll do the camera justice.


Well.. I've just completed year 1 and enjoyed it so much... I thought I would carry on... Although I must be a glutton for punishment, as aside from my original 365 Project, I’ve also decided to start a second album!

This one will be for odds ands sods, experiments, abstract photos or just additional images carried over from my original project when I have more than one good snap to share. Not sure whether I will have the energy and wherewithal to carry on with 2 projects, but I’ll give it a go…

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