Walking on Water by arkensiel

Walking on Water

At last, she has posted a picture of us in her journal; the first one this year and I get to write the words.

We went into the garden with the humans while they took some pictures and my Mum said I was not to walk on the ice; as you can see I ignored her warning that it would break. I even encourage Florence to try it and although my back legs kept slipping away from me it was fun. Then I was very daring and went into the marsh area. Mum and Dad called us as they were going indoors, I ignored her, but Florence did as she was told.

And then, do you know what? There was a loud noise and suddenly my back feet were in the water, Mum was right, the ice was very thin. Mum came running back to me, but I had managed to get back into the garden and ran around the edge of the ice; my feet were very cold, we stayed out in the garden for a while as the sun had come out.

So a warning to all our four-legged friends and two-legged humans, stay off the ice as you might get very wet and cold; Sandra I hope you are listening!
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