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January 22, 2016: A new year, and another attempt at becoming a better photographer and photo editor. I've decided not to stress out about not having a photo for every day this year. My goal for 2016 is to take meaningful photos whenever possible, and to improve my portrait and landscape photography. I met a personal photography goal in December 2015 when I was able to set up my new lighting kit and backdrop, and took 45 "Pictures with Santa" at our church's Christmas party, with satisfactory outcomes. :-)

I'm a wife (happily married 28 years and counting) and mother of five kids, former executive secretary, retired Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Navy Reserve, who loves taking pictures (even when they don't turn out well), knitting, reading, writing and baking. I also do WW2 re-enacting, specializing in the American Homefront and American Red Cross Military Welfare and Clubmobile Service. I live in the Midwest, far away from any significant bodies of water, which makes doing nautical or beach themed pictures a real challenge!

I've been enjoying the Get-Pushed challenges, and have tried a couple of the WWYDs, as well as an artist challenge. I've become a Danbo photographer too... :-)

I really appreciate the folks here at 365 who have given me such nice comments on my pictures, and who have been so kind as to offer me advice when I have a picture go wrong. Your help is most sincerely appreciated!