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January 2024- The start of year 11 .

January 2023 - and the beginning of year 10 on 365. The enthusiasm is still here ,but unfortunately due to age and immobility the opportunity to go out to the countryside is not very easy , but it is amazing what one can find near and around the home to photograph . Still learning, and enjoying the daily input from all of you! from all over the world.!

January 2022- A beginning of a New Year and I venture into year 9 on 365 . Although it has not been very easy on many a day during this last year , I just can not envisage not being a part of this wonderful challenge amongst the most generous group of friends far and wide .

January 2021 Starting year 8 - A very difficult times With the world-wide pandemic with all the lock downs and restrictions plus health problems , a difficult time to be able to go out with my camera - but 365 has kept my interest during this time - Hoping with the vaccinations against Covid 19 I hope things will become easier for us all .

January 2020 and here I am starting on year 7 time seems to fly and at times I struggle to be able to find a photo a day ,but my enthusiasm to still be part of this community is as strong as ever . I am hindered somewhat as to what I can take photos of . Due to my arthritic disabilities , my photography tends to be home and garden based , you can imagine what thrill it is for me to go out on my mobility scooter to capture something different and new . I thoroughly enjoy viewing all the different scenes and ability from around the world - thanks to the friendships developed over the years . It is quite sad when some of the friendships come to an end when individuals find its time to bow out .- but that is life .

January 2019 I have just started my 6th year on 365and still enjoying the learning curve and challenges at my own pace . So many friendships developed here over the years and a great place for comradeship .

Time to update my profile !I am retired from the teaching of food technology, widowed and living with my son and our dog in Shropshire UK .I was born and bred in Mid Wales UK and my heart and soul is still very much in Wales. and love to visit !

I love photography and have always clutched a camera since childhood ! My other hobbies are painting (watercolour and acrylics) , gardening and other hands-on crafts .

Due to ill health I am not as active as I would like to be ! hence a lot of my photos are taken in my home and garden .365 has given me a lot of pleasure , friendships , and experience in photography and helped me develop new skills .May it continue !