False pretences. by blightygal

False pretences.

Smiley Eddie, putting on the roofing felt on the new sentry shed I bought. He looks happy here but we'd been snipping at each other from the moment we woke up! I now have a nice new garden shed though, put up just before the rain started tonight.

I know now am officially old as instead of being excited and pleased over the latest toy or gadget, I've been wanting a little shed for a couple of years and even enjoyed painting all the panels and parts. 3 coats of paint each bit before we put it together today. Just in the knick of time too, the rain has just started :-)
Actually a nice part of being officially old, easily excited! He looks so very smiley, can't imagine him being snippy 🤣
July 31st, 2022  
Ooh he looks nice!!! :-))
July 31st, 2022  
Thanks for your message. I shouldn't be on my pc really!! Op went well. Blurry vision and soreness but if all heals well then the second one is in a few weeks.
August 6th, 2022  
@stowgarden Oh well done you, you got through it! Glad all over. Hopefully the drops and everything help with the healing and soreness. Take it easy, put your feet up and let that lovely hubby wait on you :-)
August 6th, 2022  
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