scale by blueberry1222


this photo is provided to give a sense of scale. notice the ruins set into the rock. this landscape is littered with these cave style ruins. to hike down to this one took about 45 minutes. does it look hot out in this picture? it was!
July 22nd, 2014  
Great capture of the beautiful rocks.
July 22nd, 2014  
love this photo :)
July 23rd, 2014  
July 23rd, 2014  
Oh wow that is a huge rock
July 23rd, 2014  
Great capture and perspective.
July 23rd, 2014  
Fabulous sense of scale.
July 24th, 2014  
Wow, who lived there?
August 9th, 2014  
@bobfoto ancient native americans, ancestral to the Hopi and Navajo, mostly.
August 10th, 2014  
@blueberry1222 - funny thing was... the more I looked at your albums and pictures, I learnt the answers to each of my questions... I should have looked first, asked questions later? Might have to go check my Curtis book to see if he travelled here...
August 10th, 2014  
@blueberry1222 - I do know that Curtis spent some time with the Hopi people.
August 10th, 2014  
@bobfoto Yes, he most likely did. He did, however, stage some (most?) of his images, but who cares, his pics are idealistic and wonderful.
August 11th, 2014  
@blueberry1222 - This is true and if I recall correctly, there is a great shot of a trio of Hopi women in ceremonial garb, pounding/grinding maize for a meal, and the daughter of one of the ladies whom herself now is an elderly lady still wonders why her mother and aunties wore their best clothes to perform the daily task of cooking?
August 13th, 2014  
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